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The Kufiya Collection is part of our charity initiative. 15% of each sale will be donated towards Penny Appeal's Palestinian Olive Tree project to help their local economy of farmers. Customers will receive confirmation receipt of their donations after each sale.


The kufiya. An iconic sheet of cloth with a distinct pattern, most commonly found in a few main colours. You know it when you see it. An item that was originally made for protection from the desert sand and sun became a sentimental design with deeper meaning. What started with a humble beginning became a powerful symbol of resistance and at certain times was making headlines in the global fashion industry.

Today, the kufiya is worn by people of all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. The style has been spotted on celebrities & models wearing it as a fashion, on activists and conscious citizens as a symbol of solidarity, on travelers visiting the Middle-East wanting to immerse themselves into the culture, and on everyday people celebrating life & festivities. In the late 90's and early 2000's, it even went as far as Tokyo, Japan where it became apart of their fashion trends for years. The kufiya has definitely become a global icon synonymous with lifestyle, culture, and history.

Some variations of the kufiya are referred to as a shemagh, hattah, or ghutrah, however this same distinctive pattern and design was originally founded in a few different colours, each with its own story.

The kufiya can be found in different colours and styles, used to tell many different stories. From cultural heritage to mainstream fashion, it’s found its way from the Middle-Eastern culture to becoming a global phenomenon.

The most notable style is the white and black kufiya which was traditionally worn by Palestinian farmers and was popularized to stand as a symbolic garment of resistance and solidarity in support of all Palestinians. It was worn by activists, journalists, and concerned citizens from countries around the world, and it still is today.

The bold red and white hatta which is said to have been founded in the country of Jordan, is now seen in many countries and cultures as apart of daily apparel, a traditional garment for celebrations and festivities, while also being used by many as protection from the harsh climates of the desert. It's worn for practical use, for fashion, and for the most formal of occasions, at one point being mandatory for officials and royalties to wear at events in Arabia.

The black kufiya is said to be a cultural adaptation of the original kufiya designs, offering an alternative colour for both fashion and practical uses.

North Accent continues to explore time by creating the first ever Kufiya watch, transferring this iconic design onto nylon watch straps and pairing it with our Arabic watch designs. Celebrating history in 3 staple colours, our Kufiya watch is available for Men & Women in a variety of styles and designs.




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